USD Dominates Exchanges as Bitcoin Hits All-Time Low

17. August 2023 Aus Von admin

• USDT has become the most dominant reserve for cryptocurrency exchanges.
• Bitcoin has hit multi-year lows compared to other major cryptocurrencies.
• Experts are debating whether this trend will continue or if the market will eventually revert back to favouring BTC.

USDt Dominates Exchange Reserves

The cryptocurrency exchange market has experienced a shift in its reserve holdings, with USDT becoming the most dominant reserve currency over the past few months. This is a stark contrast from previous times when Bitcoin (BTC) was typically favored as the primary reserve asset for exchanges around the world.

Bitcoin Hits Multi-Year Lows

As USDT becomes increasingly popular among traders, Bitcoin’s share of crypto reserves has dropped significantly, leading to it hitting multi-year lows compared to other major currencies such as Ethereum and Ripple. This shift in preference could mean that traders are losing confidence in Bitcoin, or perhaps they are more optimistic about altcoins than they were before.

Long Term Effects of Reserve Shift

It remains to be seen how long this trend of favoring USDT over BTC will continue and what kind of long term effects it might have on the crypto market as a whole. Some industry experts believe that this shift may not be permanent and that eventually traders may move back towards using BTC as their primary reserve asset on exchanges.

Pros & Cons of Using Stablecoins

Using stablecoins like USDT can have both advantages and disadvantages for traders depending on their individual goals and investment strategy. On one hand, having access to a stable store of value like US Dollar Tether can provide investors with protection against volatility, while on the other hand it does not offer much upside potential if Bitcoin’s value rises sharply over time.


In conclusion, it appears that there is currently a shift away from using Bitcoin as an exchange asset towards favoring stablecoin US Dollar Tether instead. Whether or not this trend continues remains to be seen but it is likely that traders will have different opinions on which approach is best suited for their needs and investment strategies going forward..