Ripple & SUPER HOW? Aim to Change CBDC Game with Revolutionary Project

25. Juli 2023 Aus Von admin

• Ripple and SUPER HOW? have embarked on the Axiology project, building upon the EU’s proactive initiatives to test and issue transformative digital assets.
• The core of the Axiology project lies in its tokenized securities trading and settlement system (DLT TSS) infrastructure.
• Built on XRP Ledger technology, the collaboration aims to develop a regulatory-compliant infrastructure in line with the European Union DLT Pilot Regime Regulation.

Ripple Joins Forces with SUPER HOW?

Ripple has joined forces with private blockchain technology research lab SUPER HOW?, based in Lithuania, to bolster regulators‘ confidence in the safety and security of digital assets such as CBDCs and stablecoins. With their expertise in central bank digital currency projects, SUPER HOW? is enhancing the potential for groundbreaking developments through this dynamic collaboration.

Axiology Project

The Axiology project is focused on tokenized securities trading and settlement infrastructures, providing a real-world use case for CBDCs. The project seeks to enable multiple layers of capital market infrastructures to coexist on one technology layer, sparking new business models, process efficiencies, and invaluable synergies built on XRP Ledger technology. Dr Marius Jurgilas, CEO of Axiology stands behind the EU’s vision for a progressive regulatory environment for retail capital markets and crypto economies alike.

EU Regulatory Vision Embraced by Axiology

The EU’s initiative to create a regulatory-compliant environment has been embraced by Axiology’s CEO Dr Marius Jurgilas who aims to position his company at the forefront of this movement. Through this revolutionary collaboration between Ripple and SUPER HOW?, they hope to advance blockchain technology in finance while delivering real-world applications for CBDCs that are compliant with EU regulations under their DLT Pilot Regime Regulation.

Real World Use Cases for Digital Assets

This partnership between Ripple and SUPER HOW? will be instrumental in developing real world applications for digital assets such as CBDCs which have long been anticipated but yet remain largely untested due to hesitancy from regulators over safety issues. By using tokenization technologies such as those provided by XRP Ledger technology they seek aim bring these visions into reality while also increasing trustworthiness amongst investors.


In conclusion, this partnership between Ripple and SUPER HOW? represents an exciting step forward towards creating more secure financial systems through increased development of blockchain technology especially within Europe where there is strong support from regulators regarding innovation within this space