Bitcoin: Google search volume increases despite bear market

26. November 2018 Aus Von admin

The Bitcoin course has definitely seen better times. Nevertheless, public interest in the crypto currency continues to grow. This is confirmed by current figures from Google Trends.

If you let your eyes wander over the course of Bitcoin’s share price, two interpretations predominate: buy the dip before it goes uphill again and/or skim off profits while it is still going downhill.

Bear market or not: Public interest in Bitcoin secret continues to rise

According to Google Trends, search queries in Germany are currently at a level that was last reached in April of this year. During the months of sideways movement, the search interest for Bitcoin secret decreased steadily, while it is currently rising again.

Bitcoin secret search queries on Google: Germany is in the global trend
This puts Germany in line with the worldwide trend: here, too, search queries rose again for the first time to the levels of April of this year. As you can see from the Google Trends statistics, most search queries come from South Africa. This is followed by the Netherlands, Slovenia, Australia and Singapore. Germany ranks 19th, with Russia, Taiwan and Japan occupying the last three places in terms of Bitcoin search volume.

Correlation cannot be equated with interest in cryptosoft

However, the correlation between fluctuations in the Bitcoin rate and Google search queries is not necessarily equivalent to an interest in cryptosoft currencies in terms of content. Thus it is above all the returning volatility on the crypto market that makes the crypto currency currently interesting. This ultimately brings interest back into the focus of mainstream media without a crypto focus.

Added to this are the ongoing trench warfare in the Bitcoin cash camp, in which former friends Craig Wright and Roger Ver do not always fight each other at the highest level. In addition, as you can see from our Newsflash, everything revolved around the question of when the much sought-after bottoming out and thus the end of the sell-out would be reached. And when this will give investors a good (re-)entry opportunity.