Monat: November 2018

Bitcoin: Google search volume increases despite bear market

The Bitcoin course has definitely seen better times. Nevertheless, public interest in the crypto currency continues to grow. This is confirmed by current figures from Google Trends. If you let your eyes wander over the course of Bitcoin’s share price, two interpretations predominate: buy the dip before it goes uphill again and/or skim off profits…

Von admin 26. November 2018 Aus

The DAO Hack sequel – what’s next?

HOME PAGE KRYPTO BITCOIN EPILOGUE TO DAO HACK – WHAT’S THE NEXT STEP? What happened to the thief after the DAO hack? A question you want to avoid even now, weeks after the big theft. Questions from CoinDesk suggest that the Ethereum community has finally abandoned the search for the criminal individual or group –…

Von admin 11. November 2018 Aus

Europol: Monero, Zcash & Dash hinder our work

Monero, Zcash and Dash are Altcoins with a focus on preserving the anonymity of users. They pose a major problem for Europol investigators. In contrast to Bitcoin, it is not possible to follow the trail of money from the merchants to the customers of the online marketplaces in Darknet and elsewhere. However, according to security…

Von admin 1. November 2018 Aus